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KISSed and awarded Document Management System

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The code is simple.
The usage is simple.
The design is simple.


Pure CSS

XODA uses Pure.CSS which is a responsive framework CSS with a minimal footprint. This allows portability across a multitude of devices.

Feature rich

Organize and access your files by:

  • Descriptions (with different colors)
  • Filters (Tags, Categories, you name it)
  • Modification time which you can change (and list on a graphic timeline)
  • Simple and advanced search options (making use of UNIX's `find`)
  • File names and Directories (of course)
  • Download multiple files/directories in a single zip-file
  • Share (with optional password protection, expiration date, and privilege to edit text files)
  • Save older versions of files (and assign [colored] descriptions to them)
  • "Subscribe" to directories and get notified for new files uploaded/created
  • Create multiple users with different privileges and own home directories
  • Grant anonymous access to a directory

Open Source

Open Source Initiative

XODA is licensed under the liberal BSD license.

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Modern Design

HTML5 comliance assures support for most modern browsers. The new HTML5 options are used to achieve lightweight yet feature rich design supported by CSS3.
The PHP code is simple and could be easily modified by entry- and midlevel experienced users.

I encourage everyone to send me patches for security wholes, bugs, or new ideas.

Inspiration and Support by


Sourceforge is the hosting provider for XODA (and some other half a million projects).
Thank you for the great and longstanding support!

Glory to Ukraine!

Support! If you value your freedom.


FreeBSD is what used to run my desktop machine for many years.

Enter the Void

Best Linux distribution I used!